TRI-CITIES, WA – Tri-Cities Alliance FC is the newest addition to the proud sporting heritage of the community and today, the team unveiled their much anticipated team crest. Designed by Nick Budrewicz, the crest is the merging of old and new – much like the very team it will represent.

“The aim was to create a crest that provides the club with its own identity that is modern, simple, bold and recognizable, whilst still representing the Tri-City area and its heritage,” explains Nick.

Early design work from Nick Budrewicz. The footballs in this crest were swapped out for more traditional looking footballs.

A breakdown of the crest and the meanings are below.

ROYAL BLUE: One of the club’s traditional colors, the main color of the crest represents loyalty, power, and integrity – the founding principles of TCAFC.

AQUA (LIGHT) BLUE: Another traditional club color, the aqua blue of the crest represents the rivers that have come to define the Tri-Cities area.

GREEN: This color was chosen to represent the agricultural influence that is still an ever present part of the Tri-Cities.

ORANGE: Tri-Cities is renowned for, above all else, being incredible hot. The orange represents the sun and heat the area is known for.

WHITE: White was chosen to represent a new and fresh beginning for adult semi-pro soccer in Tri-Cities.

CIRCULAR SHIELD: Representative of unity and totality and the circular relationship between the community and the team.

RISING SUN: The rising sun symbolizes the warm climate of the region, while the three shades of orange represent the three main cities of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

LION: The traditional lion emblazoned on the crest is the embodiment of our ethos: pride, passion, and courage.

The original crest from Ramiro De La Mora’s Alianza FC team.

TRADITIONAL FOOTBALL: The traditional footballs represent the past. TCAFC wouldn’t be TCAFC if it wasn’t for the players, coaches, teams, and fans that came long before us.

RIVERS AND FIELD: The three aqua blue waves represent the three local rivers (Columbia, Yakima, and Snake). The green field pays homage to the agricultural industries (and the workers) that gave birth to the Tri-Cities and continue to shape our community today.

The club can trace it’s more recent roots to the Pasco Soccer League and team General Manager, Ramiro De La Mora’s Alianza FC team. Alianza FC saw success in local soccer leagues, while also traveling around to play established Evergreen Premier League teams. In fact, the name and lion logo were developed from that original Alianza FC crest, forever linking the two teams.